Who We Are

We are a non-denominational congregational church.

Addison Congregational Church was formed on June 10th, 1884. In 1937, the Methodist Episcopal Church of Addison merged its congregation into ours, and we became the Addison United Congregational Church. In 1974 the church became affiliated with the United Church of Christ conference, and our name changed to the Addison United Church. Over time, we recognized differences between ourselves and the theology espoused by that denomination, so, in 1994, we left the UCC and became non-denominational. We returned to our original name in January of 2012.


We are a congregational church, which means that we adhere to the idea that the local church has complete autonomy under God, without need of submission to any outside human authority or organization. Our form of congregationalism, however, is not a pure democracy; we recognize that God placed the government of His churches into the hands of an ordained ministry that functions as part of a plurality of elders called to serve the people of each church. Addison Congregational empanels a board of elders, which, together with our minister(s), serves the members of the church.

The Elder Board oversees all issues related to the ministry, the sanctuary and all administrative, financial and physical plant issues. Our minister brings the plan, vision and direction of God to the board, but decisions for action are reached only as the board comes together with the ministry to obtain a joint conviction of God’s leading. The elders report on their decisions to the congregation, and frequently solicit their consultation and approval.

Each year the current eldership examines the congregation to become aware of possible candidates for the elder board. Anyone meeting the qualifications of eldership outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:5–9 may be considered to serve as an elder. Nominees are brought before the congregation, who then elect the elders by voting their consciences.

As a not-for-profit, ecclesiastical corporation existing under the laws of the State of Michigan, Addison Congregational also elects corporate officers from within its membership.

Current Leaders

Elder Board

Jane Branch
Richard Davis


Philip R. Rubley, Treasurer/Financial Secretary
Suzanne Decker, Clerk
Jamie Hill, Missions Director